Thứ Ba, 29 tháng 5, 2012

Awareness of a psychiatrist ~ sickness is the results of peoples thoughts

The material world is formed by the energy and consciousness

The body is the reflection of the mind.

The body reflects your thoughts.

Thoughts are kinds of radio waves; thoughts produce the magnetic fields

Thoughts generate electromagnetic effects, which can affect body's organs.

When we change our ways of thinking, the body can heal itself.

Liver, gall bladder cancer – these diseases are the results of unresolved feeling of suffering, full of a sense of failure, depression, complaints oneself of not making enough money, poor performance, not being remarkable.

Lung cancer is the results of poor relationship with family members, not knowing how to express one's feelings and emotions.

Kidney stones are the results of financial pressure, worrying about not having enough money.

Heart disease is the results of impatient, having the desire of manipulate others.

AIDS is the result of not being able to love oneself, despair of love, despair of mind and soul, and pressure.

Breast cancer is the results of high self-demand, having too much responsibility.

Diabetes is the results of depression, loss of happiness, no longer feel the joy of life.

They need to live a new life full of passion.

Hypertension, stroke are the results of many feelings of powerlessness in life.

Practice laugh and gratitude very often every day.

Love yourself, love others!

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